Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sugar and Champagne Benefit

On Wednesday, January 27th, Domaine de Canton was featured in the signature cocktail presented at Sugar and Champagne, a fundraising event for the Washington Humane Society. The cocktail was created by acclaimed D.C. mixologist Simo Ahmadi, of Equinox (which hopes to reopen in February after their fire), and was dubbed the Bloody Sour:

Bloody Sour

1.5 oz Cirrus Vodka

1 oz Domaine de Canton

1 oz fresh sour mix

1/4 oz fresh lime juice

Shake all ingredients, serve on the rocks, then garnish with about a 1/4 oz of dry red wine.

Shown below, Simo prepares the Bloody Sour.

Patrons of the event were invited to bring their dogs. The pooch shown here fit right in.