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D.C. Bracket, Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year Competition

Domaine de Canton is currently staging its national Bartender of the Year Competition, where bartenders from across the U.S. are competing in regional finals, in D.C., Boston, New York, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. The “D.C. Bracket” was held at Bourbon in Adams Morgan on Sunday, November 1, and eight of D.C.’s finest bartenders were on hand to compete for the honor of advancing to the Finals, to be held in French St. Martin in March, 2010.

Shown here, Rico Wisner of Poste, and the winning cocktail, Jason Strich's Kentucky Spiced Pie
Shown here, Owen Thomson of Bourbon, Crystal Fanale, Director of Sales for Domaine de Canton, and Phil Greene, Canton's D.C. Brand Ambassador

Jason Strich of Rasika won the D.C. competition, with his amazing drink, the Kentucky Spiced Pie (all recipes shown below). A tie for second place was shared by Gina Chersevani of PS7’s, for her drink Thai’s the Limit, and Ricky Gomez, with the cocktail titled Le Coup de Jalisco. Ricky was visiting from the acclaimed New Orleans bar Cure NOLA, which opened earlier this year. The audience also voted for a Crowd Favorite Cocktail, won by Erik Holzherr, owner/bartender of Wisdom, for his creation, the Eminent Domaine.

The judging of the competition was ably handled by an impressive team of experts, Erin Hartigan of Daily Candy, Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post, and Derek Brown of The Gibson and Atlantic Monthly.

Shown above, Erik Holzherr and Owen Thomson

Here are the bartenders selected to compete in the D.C. Bracket, and their cocktails:

Eminent Domaine - Erik Holzherr, Wisdom

1.5 oz DDC
1.5 oz Bluecoat Gin
0.5 oz Luxardo Amaro
0.5 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
2.0 oz of pressed apple juice.

Shake 10-15 seconds on ice, serve in a martini glass with a lemon twist and a smile.

The Undertaker - Scott Palmer, Dino

In the glass half of a Boston Shaker pour:

3/4 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
3/4 oz 209 Gin
3/4 oz Lillet Blanc
3/4 oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (strained of pulp)
1/4 oz Chartreuse (green)
A few dashes of Orange Bitters (Fee Bros. West Indian Orange)

Add large ice cubes to shaker and stir gently until cold but not overly diluted. Strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with flamed orange twist.

Jack ‘o Ginger - Owen Thomson, Bourbon Adams Morgan

1 oz Domaine de Canton
1 oz Applejack
½ oz Appleton’s XO rum
½ oz Averna

Stirred and served up with a lemon peel garnish

Spiced Kentucky Pie - Jason Strich, Rasika

1 oz Basil Haydens Bourbon
1 oz Domaine de Canton
2 oz spiced sweet potato water

Garnish with burnt cinnamon marshmallow topped with a small sprig of mint.

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake and strain through a fine mesh strainer into a stemmed glass coffee glass. With an ISI charger make about a 1 inch marshmallow and burn the top with a brulee torch, and insert small mint sprig into the marshmallow.

Sweet Potato Water: Peel and juice 6 sweet potatoes, strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer, add ½ teaspoon citric acid to stop discoloration. In a good sized pot boil 4 cups of water with 2 cinnamon sticks, tablespoon black peppercorns, teaspoon cloves, 3 pods star anise, 5 cardamom pods, and I inch piece of raw ginger. After boiling for 10 minutes, reduce heat to simmer and add the sweet potato juice, making sure to avoid the extra starch that will have settled to the bottom of the container. Simmer 10 minutes, or until the starches in the sweet potato have converted to sugar. It will taste a little sweet and not so starchy. Strain liquid through a coffee filter and store in a cooler.

Cinnamon marshmallow: Start by blooming 2 sheets of gelatin in ice water, dissolve 1.5 cups white sugar in 2 cups hot water, then add the gelatin. Stir until dissolved, add .5 teaspoon cinnamon tincture and .5 teaspoon ground cinnamon, wait until it cools, put into ISI nitrous charger along with two egg whites, keep chilled until use.

Ginger & Ginger - Rico Wisner, Poste, Hotel Monaco

1 oz. Domaine de Canton
1 oz. Square One Botanical Vodka
3/4 oz. J Pear Liqueur
1/2 oz. lemon juice
1 tsp. honey cactus powder
3 slices seckle pear
1/2 oz. Brut champagne

Muddle seckle pear and honey cactus powder together with lemon juice. Add Domaine de Canton, Square One, J Pear, and ice. Shake ingredients together, double strain through and Hawthorne and fine mesh strainer into a chilled saucier. Top with champagne. Garnish with slice of poached (in 2:1:1 water:canton:honey cactus powder) seckle pear.

Thai’s The Limit - Gina Chersevani, PS7’s

1.5 oz Plymouth Gin
1.5 oz Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur
2 oz coconut mix (see below)
1 oz fresh lime juice
Pinch of julienned cilantro leaves

Combine all ingredients in a shaker half-filled with ice, then strain over ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with cilantro leaves. Enjoy!

Coconut mix:

2 cans Chaokoh Coconut Milk (27 oz)
1 stalk lemongrass (pulverized)
1 oz fresh grated ginger
1 small Thai Bird Chili (I stress small), chopped
¾ cup sugar

Combine all ingredients in saucepan, over high heat bring to boil, reduce to low and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat, let steep for 20 minutes. Blend ingredients on high. Pass through fine mesh strainer. This makes about 16-20 drinks.

Le Coup de Jalisco, Ricky Gomez, Cure NOLA, 4905 Freret Street, New Orleans

1 oz Domaine de Canton
1 oz Casa Noble Reposado
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/4 oz honey syrup (1:1)
1/4 oz yellow Chartreuse
10 drops of Angostura Bitters
10 drops of Crystal Hot Sauce

The Domainatrix - Rachel Sergi, Againn

.75 oz Domaine de Canton
.5 Larresingle Armagnac
.25 Busnel Calvados
.25 Cherry Heering Scarred lemongrass - (slightly charred)

Build in a mixing glass with cracked ice. Stir lovingly to incorporate. Strain into Coupe glass. Add Scarred lemongrass garnish. Enjoy!

The following bartenders were invited to compete in the D.C. Bracket but could not attend:

The Ginger Sling - Todd Thrasher, Restaurant Eve

1oz Plymouth Gin
1 oz Domaine Canton
3oz lemon grass / lemon balm mixture
1 squeeze of lemon juice
liberal dash of lemon bitters

Stir all ingredients Strain over fresh ice and top with Pickeled Ginger foam

Pickeled Ginger Foam

1 lb of peeled ginger (roughly chopped)
2 qts water
1 qt of sugar
1 tbs pickeling spices (in a Sache)
1 cup champagne vinegar
3 sheets of gelatin

Bring water to a boil, add the sugar and vinegar after sugar is dissolved reduce to a simmer add ginger and spices and for 2 hours (until ginger is soft to the touch). Take sache out of the mixture and blend the ginger and pass through fine chinois, and let cool. Take 750 ml of the ginger liquid Lemon Balm / Lemon Grass Syrup 2 qts water 2 qts picked lemon balm llemon grass roughly chopped 1 qt sugar 1 tbs of citric acid Bring water to boil. Add sugar and wisk. Once dissolved, add lemon balm and lemon grass. Let simmer for 5 minutes. Strain out through chinois.

Ginger Foam 2 sheets of Gelatin. Soak the Gelatin in ice water until soft. Take the 750 ml of base put about 100ml and put into a small sauce pan and bring to a boil remove from heat and add the Gelatin whisking until all the gelatin is dissolved all the while, then add the reserve whisking until all is combined. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Put in an ISI Foamer.

White Tiger - Chris Kelly, Mie N Yu

1.5 oz. Premium Vodka
1.5 oz. Domaine De Canton
1.5 oz. white cranberry juice
juice of half a lime

Add ingredients to shaker with ice; shake well and strain into a chilled martini or cocktail glass, garnish with a slice of candied ginger

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